History of Information Technology in Bulgaria

History of information technologies in Bulgaria
from  1960
to  2001
"A History of Information Technology in Bulgaria" is a joint project by Vij! and DataArt that tells the story of some of the most interesting and curious changes in our cultural and social life following the emergence, development and adoption of computers in the decades before the so-called Millennium. Nowadays, Bulgaria’s IT sector is growing fast with many specialists working in different fields, but there is little discussion of the history of these developments, societal attitudes towards computer technologies, as well as how they have influenced gaming, literature, music, design and even space exploration. Our project is not historically or scientifically exhaustive, but aims to inspire interest and curiosity about this topic. The period between 1960-2000, as well as the biographies of the people involved in Bulgarian IT history, will be studied for years to come.

Bulgarian IT Technology

  • Establishment of the State Committee on Aesthetics
  • "Vitosha", the first Bulgarian-made computer, appears
  • A Center for Industrial Aesthetics is being established
  • The first studio for electronic music in Bulgaria was opened in the BNR
  • Beginning of work on the personal computer "Pravets"
  • The publication series for science fiction literature "Galaxy Library" of the Varna Publishing House "Georgi Bakalov" has been launched
  • IMKO-1 was created - a prototype for the first personal computer produced in Bulgaria
  • Premiere of Pravets 82, the first Bulgarian personal computer, which is planned for wide distribution
  • PC Mania magazine begins to be published, and soon other thematic publications also appear
  • Tzar, the first Bulgarian video game, is released
  • The first "Street Parade" is being held in Bulgaria


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